Women's Salopettes & Ski Pants

We stock a wide range of women's salopettes and ski pants from great ski wear brands such as Dare 2b, Head, Oakley, Salomon, Icepeak and Trespass. Our ladies salopettes are chosen to suit the needs of all types of skiers; so whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier we should have a pair to meet both your technical needs and budget.

Ladies Salopettes and Ski Pants

All ski salopettes are designed to meet specific requirements. Below we outline some of the key features and buying decisions you may want to consider.

Ladies Salopettes and Ski Trousers - Key Features and Characteristics

  • Windproof – the combination of a cold wintery mountain and moving across the snow, at speed, on a pair of skis means you will be subjected to wind chill. A good pair of salopettes wil help to shield you from the wind chill.
  • Waterproof – when cold alpine snow comes into contact with your warm body it melts, so salopettes need to be constructed from water resistant materials and fabrics. Check that the garment also has taped seams which should be a standard feature in any reputable ski gear.
  • Breathable/ Venting – skiing can be an incredibly demanding sport using lots of energy and asking the body to do things it does not do so often! If you have ever had your knees pump like shock absorbers through a mogul field at speed or had to work through deep powder on a gentle gradient then you probably got a fair sweat going? When you're in a cold alpine environment it is important that you stay dry, a good set of base layers will help to wick sweat away from your body and a good pair of breathable salopettes will let that moisture escape. The two ways this is usually achieved are through venting (zipped channels that allow airflow to quickly regulate temperature and humidity) and breathable fabrics that allow water vapour to be expelled through respiration.
  • Padding / Fleece lining – the faster you ski the more wind chill you will have to tackle. If you like going for it, on fast ski trails, then padding and lining are definitely needed to keep the cold at bay. Padding and lining will add the additional thermal insulation required in high alpine environments.
  • Snow gaiters – these are elasticated waterproof ankle cuffs which stop snow entering the inside of your leg and getting into your ski boot.
  • Removable braces – whether you opt for a pair of high-waisted ladies salopettes or a pair of more relaxed lower waisted ski pants you may wish to consider how easily the braces or shoulder straps can be removed.
  • Zip pockets – keep your valuables secure.
  • Inner knee articulation – a good ski stance requires your knees be bent and your shins forward in your boots in order to move your weight forward. Try to adopt that position in your jeans and you'll notice that when you stand up the knee of your jeans will be slightly baggier; that is why an articulated knee is handy in salopettes. They are designed to fit as they will be worn and give your legs the freedom of movement you need for skiing.
  • Stretch fabrics – stretch fabric ski pants and salopettes allow you to move more freely and into positions that traditional material garments might restrict.
  • Adjustable waist – functional and practical solution to allow you to adjust the fit of the waist - very handy if you are changing the number of layers from cold mornings to warmer afternoons.
  • Reinforced ankles – those of you with classical feet-together ski stances will doubtless know this better than most; that sharp ski edges and the inner ankle cuff of salopettes do not mix well. So the sensible solution is to reinforce the ankle with durable and rugged material to prevent the slicing and dicing of your hem.
  • Recco – an avalanche safety beacon device design to reflect radio signals back to ski patrol and mountain rescue teams. It uses a passive (no batteries or moving parts) reflector array to send back a precise frequency to the rescue transceiver and can be detected through up to 10 meters of snow.
  • Visibility – Although blacks and grey are common colours for salopettes and ski trousers do consider brighter more vivid colours offering high visibility and contrast against snow, rocks and wood lines. This will help other skiers see you more easily, help people in your own ski party follow you more easily on ‘white days’ and aid anyone sent to assist you if you need help.


Skiwear prices are largely determined by two factors - performance and brand. So some luxury fashion brands offer very expensive ski gear that would barely qualify for entry-level skiwear in performance/technical capability, at prices to make your eyes water, whilst some skiwear specialist manufacturer very high performance ski gear at very affordable prices. So if you are not phased by the brand name, let the specifications speak for themselves. 20,000 rated breathability and waterproofing is high-end performance whatever the label.

Obviously, within a brand’s offering, more capable and technically advance products will be more expensive. So it makes sense to know what type of skiing you are likely to be doing and buy accordingly.

Beginners’ Salopettes

Beginners can look at entry level gear and cheap salopettes because when you start skiing you will usually stay on-piste on nursery slopes and gentle blue pistes. Whilst you may take the odd fall and be on your bum every now and then, the performance you will require is nowhere near as advanced as what you need for skiing in deep powder in terms of waterproofing and breathability.

  • Windproof
  • Waterproof (2,000 mm to 5, 000 mm)
  • Breathable (up to 5,000 g/m²/24h)

Intermediate Skiers’ Salopettes

As you progress as a skier you will tend to tackle more challenging ski runs (reds and blacks) and these will probably have you working a little harder, creating more perspiration – so you will want a bit more breathability from your salopettes. Likewise, you will also start to venture off-piste a bit, even if it is just in the powder on the edge of the main groomed pistes – so waterproofing and resilience against prolonged contact with snow powder are recommended.

  • Windproof
  • Waterproof (5,000 mm to 10, 000 mm)
  • Breathable (3,000 g/m²/24h - 10, 000 g/m²/24h)

Advanced Skiers’ Salopettes

Once you have the skills and confidence level for advanced skiing it is almost certain you will catch the off piste bug. Nothing feels quite as exhilarating as carving through virgin powder from a mountain’s apex down into the tree line in the backcountry. This kind of skiing means you will be working hard and skiing through powder the whole way. So higher levels of breathability and waterproofing are a must! Also consider ergonomics and salopettes offering stretch materials.

  • Windproof
  • Waterproof (10,000 mm to 30, 000 mm)
  • Breathable (7,000 g/m²/24h - 30, 000 g/m²/24h)
  • Happy to help

    If you have any questions relating to Trekwear’s selection of womens salopettes and ski pants, or would like further advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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