Women's Wax Jackets

Our selection of women's wax jackets and coats from Jack Murphy and Hunter-Outdoor are ideal country attire for those who enjoy countryside sports and walking. They also double as stylish and fashionable attire for all sorts of social occasions in either the town or countryside. Trekwear stocks a wide variety of styles of women’s wax coats and wax jackets so you can create the exact look you want.

  • Jack Murphy
  • Hunter-Outdoor
  • Sherwood Forest

Wax coats and wax jackets have amazing durability and waterproofing properties so they are perfect for wearing when you are out and about in the countryside in wet weather. Trekwear’s range of high quality women’s wax jackets are available in a variety of designs and colours that look great and are all reasonably priced.

Stylish and functional features

  • Detachable hoods
  • Inner phone and valuables pockets
  • A variety of linings
  • Internal drawstrings at waist
  • Storm plackets
  • Attached capes

Trekwear supplies ladies wax coats and jackets in a variety of lengths and styles. Regardless of whether you are using your wax coat as wet weather gear, or as a fashionable coat, it will perform brilliantly and look great.

Trekwear brings you a range of high quality women's’ wax jackets at competitive prices.

Want to know more?

If you would like advice on wax jackets or wish to know more about how to clean and care for your wax coat or jacket please get in touch with us at Trekwear.