Men's Short Sleeve Shirts

We stock a wide range of mens’ short sleeve shirts; some are made from technical fabrics and are designed for adventure and tough conditions while others are designed to be worn in more casual, less demanding environments. We stock mens’s outdoor short sleeve shirts from a number of trusted outdoor clothing brands such as:

  • Craghoppers
  • Dare 2b
  • Jack Murphy
  • Regatta
  • Oakley

Great hiking gear, superb style

Trekwear’s selection of men's’ short sleeve shirts are great for a summer day’s walk or hike in the countryside, to wear when traveling in hot climates in addition to being great for keeping you cool during casual outdoor activities such as gardening or at any social events.

Happy to help

If you have any questions regarding Trekwear’s range of men’s short sleeve shirts, please do not hesitate to get in touch, our staff are always ready to assist you.

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  1. Trespass Atlantika Men's Polo Top

    £7.95 SRP: £24.99

  2. Craghoppers NosiLife Classic Men's Short Sleeve Shirt

    £29.95 SRP: £50.00

  3. Craghoppers Kiwi Short Sleeve Men's Shirt

    £14.95 SRP: £25.00

  4. Weird Fish Panero Men's Check Shirt

    £14.95 SRP: £35.00

  5. Weird Fish Lamen Men's Check Shirt

    £14.95 SRP: £35.00

  6. Oakley Griffin's Nest Men's T-Shirt

    £9.95 SRP: £20.00

  7. Champion Doncaster Men's Short Sleeved Shirt

    £5.95 SRP: £14.99

  8. Champion Gowran Men's Short Sleeved Shirt

    £6.95 SRP: £16.99

  9. Champion Prestwick Men's Short Sleeved Shirt


  10. Champion Wetherby Men's Short Sleeve Shirt

    £5.95 SRP: £13.99

  11. Craghoppers Bosadi Men's Short Sleeved Polo Shirt

    £14.95 SRP: £35.00

  12. Craghoppers Kiwi Pro-Lite Men's Short Sleeved Shirt

    £22.95 SRP: £35.00

  13. Craghoppers Kiwi Trek Men's Short Sleeved Shirt

    £14.95 SRP: £25.00

  14. Craghoppers NosiLife Belay Men's Short Sleeved Shirt

    £26.95 SRP: £45.00

  15. Craghoppers NosiLife Nemla Men's Short Sleeved Polo Top

    £14.95 SRP: £25.00

  16. Dare 2b Elevation Men's Polo Shirt

    £14.95 SRP: £35.00

  17. Dare 2b Plenary Men's Polo Shirt

    £19.95 SRP: £30.00

  18. Dare 2b Torpedo Men's Vest

    £6.95 SRP: £13.50

  19. Helly Hansen Jotun Men's Short Sleeved Shirt

    £19.95 SRP: £55.00

  20. Oakley Classic Men's Short Sleeve Shirt

    £14.95 SRP: £50.00

  21. Oakley Fade Men's Short Sleeved Top

    £14.95 SRP: £45.00