Men's Softshell Jackets

Men's softshell jackets offer a mid-ground between wearing a shell jacket and wearing a fleece. Often as comfortable as a fleece, and offering decent breathability, excellent windproofing and usually coated with a PU water repellent finish, softshell jackets allow the wearer to take one layer where two would normally be required. The inherent stretch properties of softshell jackets mean they offer excellent ergonomic performance and freedom of movement - making them popular with climbers, skiers, scramblers and general outdoor enthusiasts.

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  1. Trespass Chimborazo Men's Softshell Gilet

    £19.95 SRP: £42.99

  2. Craghoppers Luka II Softshell Men's Jacket

    £29.95 SRP: £50.00

  3. Trespass Applewood Men's Softshell 3 In 1 Jacket

    £78.95 SRP: £179.99

  4. Trespass Zigadenus Men's Waterproof Softshell Jacket

    £24.95 SRP: £84.99

  5. Trespass Ulex Men's Waterproof Softshell Jacket

    £31.95 SRP: £99.99

  6. Trespass Mass Men's Softshell Stretch Jacket

    £25.95 SRP: £69.99

  7. Helly Hansen Jotun Men's Softshell Jacket

    £49.95 SRP: £70.00

  8. Craghoppers Pro-Lite Men's Packaway Softshell Jacket

    £39.95 SRP: £50.00

  9. Craghoppers Egor II Softshell Men's Jacket

    £29.95 SRP: £75.00

  10. Craghoppers Bowshaw Softshell Men's Jacket

    £29.95 SRP: £100.00

  11. Craghoppers Bear Grylls Survivor Men's Softshell Jacket

    £39.95 SRP: £100.00