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Meet Our Team

There’s a dedicated team of people who are responsible for making the process of buying quality outdoor clothing and equipment online as easy as possible.

The Trekwear team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy activities ranging from a sedate dog walk to more extreme pursuits such as hurling themselves down mountains on skis, snowboards and bikes. This means that we have first-hand experience of using the products we sell in the environment for which they were designed.


The Trekwear Customer Service Team

If you have a question about your order or want to know how one waterproof jacket compares to another then our customer services team are always happy to assist.


The Trekwear Website & Marketing Team

The web team spend their days furiously clicking at their computer mice, tapping at their keyboards and scribbling ideas for great deals on whiteboards in order to keep the Trekwear website updated with the latest outdoor clothing and accessories at the best possible prices.


The Trekwear Warehouse Team

The engine room of Trekwear.co.uk, the warehouse staff treat every order with the utmost priority and care. As soon as your order is placed on the Trekwear website it is sent to the warehouse team who pick, pack and label your package ready for despatch as quickly as possible.