Regatta Trousers

Regatta's reputation for producing reliable outdoor wear has earnt them a place as one of our core brands.

Walking and hiking trousers

Our regatta action II trousers have always been great sellers, and for good reason. Their intelligent design includes concealed zips, part-elasticised waist, and a water repellent treatment. This trouser offers unrivalled value for money.

Winter lined trousers

The famous Regatta Action II trousers are also available with a winter lining to provide extra warmth in the colder months.

Waterproof over trousers & pack-aways

Trekwear has a variety of regatta waterproof trousers offering great value for money. Over trousers can be pulled over your shoes and normal trousers to provide waterproof protection. Pack-aways pack into a handy pouch for easy storing and access when the rain arrives.

Zip offs

Our Regatta zip-off trousers offer great versatility for hot and cold weather alike, with the option of quickly and effortlessly unzipping and removing the bottom half to create shorts. Additional functional features make these a great choice for an all round walking trouser.

Stretch fabrics

Trekwear offers durable Regatta stretch fabric trousers with a part elasticised waist; flexible with a water repellent finish, and great value for money.

We do our best to bring you great Regatta trousers at exceptional low prices.

Regatta are experienced when it comes to making the good quality outdoor trousers. Regatta trousers come with loads of functional features for comfort and practicality, such as:

  • Quick Dry
  • Inner zip security pockets
  • Stretch fit
  • Elasticised waists
  • Levels of waterproofing / water repellence

We stock a range of regatta trousers for men, women and kids' in lots of sizes, colours and designs. With our regatta trousers you are sure of a good deal.

Viewing 22 products
  1. Regatta Crossfell Men's Zip Off Trousers

    £14.95 SRP: £30.00

  2. Regatta Crossfell II Women's Zip Off Trousers

    £13.95 SRP: £32.00

  3. Regatta Warlock II Kids' Zip Off Trousers

    £11.95 SRP: £25.00

  4. Regatta Warlock Mount Kids' Trousers

    £11.95 SRP: £25.00

  5. Regatta Crossfell Women's Winter Lined Trousers

    £14.95 SRP: £40.00

  6. Regatta Crossfell Men's Winter Lined Trousers

    £17.95 SRP: £40.00

  7. Regatta Chandler Kids' Padded Waterproof Overtrousers

    £13.95 SRP: £30.00

  8. Regatta Ladies Amelie II Lined Waterproof Overtrousers

    £13.95 SRP: £35.00

  9. Regatta Kids' Stormbreak Waterproof Trousers

    £3.95 SRP: £10.00

  10. Regatta Men's Pack-It Packaway Overtrousers

    £6.95 SRP: £15.00

  11. Regatta Children's Pack-It Packaway Overtrousers

    £4.95 SRP: £14.00

  12. Regatta Men's Packaway Waterproof Overtrousers

    £6.95 SRP: £18.00

  13. Regatta Byrne Men's Waterproof Overtrousers

    £10.95 SRP: £30.00

  14. Regatta Adults Stormbreak Waterproof Overtrousers

    £4.95 SRP: £10.00

  15. Regatta Men's Active Packaway II Waterproof Overtrousers

    £19.95 SRP: £30.00

  16. Regatta Men's Chandler II Lined Waterproof Overtrousers

    £13.95 SRP: £35.00

  17. Regatta Cullman Men's Work Trousers

    £12.95 SRP: £35.00

  18. Regatta Dayhike Men's Stretch Waterproof Trousers

    £29.95 SRP: £70.00

  19. Regatta Dayhike Women's Stretch Waterproof Trousers

    From £29.95 - £34.95

  20. Regatta Heathtek Kids' Softshell Trousers

    £13.95 SRP: £35.00

  21. Regatta Padded Chandler II Men's Waterproof Overtrousers

    £24.95 SRP: £50.00