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The sun is shining and you fancy exploring the great outdoors by heading into the countryside, however, before setting off on a trek you need to ensure that you have all the necessary kit packed away in your rucksack. The Great British weather is less than reliable meaning you need to be prepared for everything from sun to sleet and it's also advisable to pack essentials in case of slips, trips and the odd hunger pang! Here's our guide to what not to leave behind. Waterproofs As previously mentioned the weather is an unknown quantity and can change at a moment's notice. Waterproofs are therefore an essential part of any walking kit and they are so small and compact there's no excuse for not carrying them at all times. As well as a jacket why not try some waterproof overtrousers – great for wading through puddles and muddy bogs. Plenty of liquids and snacks However far you are walking it's always best to have plenty of drinks and a few snacks to keep you going along the way. Some rucksacks even come with water pouches you can drink from on the move and a lightweight water bottle doesn't take up much room and will be much appreciated. In terms of snacks try things which will give you a good energy boost like a banana or some nuts. First aid kit Having a small first aid kit tucked away in your rucksack can prove very useful. It doesn't have to be the full works but you and your fellow walkers may find that a few plasters or some painkillers come in handy if your water resistant walking boots start to rub. Triangular bandages are useful for any dislocations or sprains and sterile dressings are advisable in case someone falls and grazes themselves. Layers – and lots of them It may seem warm when you first set off on your walk but the weather can soon turn, especially if you are trekking uphill. You don't want to wrap up in bulky jumpers which you'll get too hot in while on the move but plenty of thin layers such as t-shirts and fleeces will protect against the wind. We love these Weird Fish t-shirts. Suncream There is of course a chance that the weather will be beautifully sunny for the duration of your walk which is where suncream comes in. Remember to put plenty on your nose and the back of your neck as these areas catch the sun when walking. A whistle Last but by no means least always keep a whistle in your rucksack. It may seem like an unusual item but they are perfect for getting attention if you are lost or one of your party suffers a fall.