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Geocaching is like a treasure hunt for outdoor enthusiasts which involves using a GPS receiver to help the seeker find the spoils. Participants can either decide to be someone who hides the cache or a person who goes in search of it. To get involved the most you can decide to both hide and seek for a cache and enjoy everything the activity has to offer. What you will need A GPS receiver Some bits and pieces to put in the cache A login for www.geocaching.com Pen Logbook Plastic box Start geocaching Put your bits and pieces into a plastic box which will be your cache and head out into the countryside to find a quiet little spot. Once you have decided on a location to house your cache record the coordinates and make sure there is a pen and logbook stashed with it. Head back home and log into the geocaching website and log the existence of your cache. This means that anyone wishing to take part in geocaching will be able to check the list and decide to go in search of your cache. They will log the coordinates into their GPS receiver and head off to find it and you can do the same with caches logged by other participants. Upon finding the cache some people like to take something out of it and replace it with something else, but everybody puts a little note in the logbook in order to show they have found it. When finding a cache it is fun to see how many other people have tracked it down as well. After geocaching for a while you will notice that some of the same names come up repeatedly. Where to go geocaching The great thing about geocaching is that it can be carried out anywhere and the more locations used the more fun it is for the seekers. Some participants like to stash a cache in one of their favourite places because it is a way to get people to visit and share their joy for the great outdoors. Make sue that you are wearing the right outdoor clothing when heading out geocaching.  With the British weather so unpredictable it is sensible to pack some waterproofs, like water-repellent over trousers and a raincoat. As you will be doing a lot of walking, invest in a good pair of walking boots, we stock with men's and women's walking shoes.