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When it comes to hill walking you can buy all kinds of gadgets to help you on your way, however, the piece of equipment which really matters is your a pair of waterproof walking boots. Hill walking is supposed to be fun but finishing a mammoth trek with sore feet and a number of blisters can really take the shine off an otherwise great day out and these kinds of problems can be easily avoided by taking the time to buy the perfect pair of walking shoes. Which type? The first thing to consider is what type of walking you will mostly be doing as this will have an impact on your choice of boots. If you'll mainly be tackling lightweight walks then you'll need something with cushioning and a waterproof membrane but not necessarily the level of support needed if you are embarking on tough trek on rough terrain. If these sort of challenging walks are how you spend your weekend you'll need something more rigid, with lots of support and preferably which you can wear crampons with for any really tough ground. Do they fit? It may seem obvious but the key to buying walking boots for men or women is to ensure that they fit correctly. You need to make sure that they are snug around the heel and ankle but that your toes are not cramped. Make sure to try on both boots and have a walk around the house in them to see how they feel before committing and wearing them outdoors. You should also try the boots on with the type of socks you normally wear for walking as this can make all the difference to how comfortable a pair of boots are. After buying Once you have bought some new boots you need to break them in on a few shorter walks before building up to an all-day hike. It may even be worth popping some alternative footwear in your bag just in case.