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NosiLife Makes Your Safari Trip More Enjoyable and Safe

If you’re planning to jet off to exotic climes this autumn for the safari experience of a lifetime, you’ll need to be aware of little critters while you’re looking for the big ones. Here at Trekwear, we’re big fans of NosiLife - an innovative and fantastic way to keep you safe from biting insects. Intrigued? Well, let us tell you just what NosiLife is and why it’s an essential addition to your trekking gear.  

What is NosiLife?

In short, it’s a material with mosquito repellent impregnated in the fabric. In fact, it sounds so simple you’re probably wondering why no-one has ever tried this before. As with everything, whilst the idea may be simple the execution certainly is not and NosiLife has been developed over the course of years. The treatment gives synthetic fabrics permanent insect repellency - so if you buy a pair of Craghoppers NosiLife trousers this autumn, they’ll still be useful for years to come.   In fact, many of the Craghoppers NosiLife products feature a lifetime guarantee, so you could still be donning those trousers or making use of your hat for decades. According to Craghoppers, the NosiLife treatment is completely safe for humans (and any other mammals for that matter), but is deadly to insects. It has been proven to provide up to 90 per cent protection from mosquitos and other biting insects. And the treatment isn’t just sprayed on to the garments - it’s actually woven into the fabric, which is why it can last a lifetime of use and doesn’t weaken with washing or wear.

Why Buy NosiLife Mosquito Repellent Clothing?

If you’re travelling to any region of the world where Malaria is prevalent, you want to do as much as you can to protect yourself from the illness. Prevention is always better than cure where this disease is concerned, especially as people who have contracted the illness can have relapses for years afterwards. Wearing NosiLife clothing and accessories is just another line of defence against those biting mosquitos. Taking prophylactics is advisable, sleeping under a mosquito net is another sensible measure to take and wearing insect repellent on any bit of skin that might be exposed is another great option. Where NosiLife comes in is that it can help keep insects away during the periods when you’re not safely tucked away under your mosquito net. Evenings are notoriously bad for being bitten, especially if you’re on safari and are sitting around a campfire, chatting to your fellow travelling companions about your experiences. If you’re wearing NosiLife clothing, you’re less likely to get bitten. It isn’t all about safety and Malaria prevention either - although that’s certainly a great reason to opt for NosiLife gear. It’s about comfort too. There’s nothing more irritating than having that constant itch from insect bites - and resisting the temptation to scratch them can be very tough, especially when you’ve got a lot of them. So, it makes sense to do everything you can to prevent yourself getting bitten in the first place - and NosiLife will help you do that. If you would like to know more, click here to view the Craghoppers NosiLife range.