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Last Minute Ski Resorts for Skiing in Spring

Skiing In The Spring

Most people associate skiing with the winter, but you can actually continue enjoying this sport well into the spring. You just have to find the right locations where the snow is still deep enough at this time of year. Our guide will help you decide where to go skiing this spring.  

Where is there still snow?

When it comes to finding a good resort for late season skiing, there are three factors that generally mean reliable snow at this time of year - those that are high and those that are in the north, as well as any resort that features a glacier. Heights above 2,000 metres are most likely to retain snow for longer, but keep an eye on how much snow fall there was in the first place, as this affects conditions.

Resorts for spring skiing


Riksgransen, Sweden

When we say go north, this is really north - 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle to be precise. Ski resorts don't get much more northerly than Riksgransen up near the border with Norway. The skiing is actually better here later on in the season, which means you can leave your annual ski trip as late as June if you choose this gem in the Land of the Midnight Sun as your destination.

Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada

The glacier at Blackcomb helps to keep the temperatures down and the snow that falls throughout the winter in place for longer. The powers that be at the resort also have another trick up their sleeves, with snow-making facilities on hand should nature not provide a sufficient amount of the white stuff. This makes booking a holiday up until around June a pretty safe bet.

Val Thorens, France

Adhering to the other principle of going high - Val Thorens is the highest ski resort in Europe at 2,300 metres. It is part of the extensive Three Valleys ski area and is well known for having great skiing late on in the season. Get yourself booked up for a trip until the first week in May, as this is when the lifts tend to stop running.

Gassan, Japan

Ever heard of a ski resort with too much snow? Well you have now. Gassan in Japan gets so much snowfall throughout the winter it is inaccessible until April when things start to calm down. It is quite a long way to travel for a skiing holiday, but those who make the journey will find the 1,000 metres of vertical ascent well worth it.

Benefits of Skiing in Spring

First off, accommodation and lift passes at ski resorts cheaper in the spring, due to it being low season, you can also get yourself kitted out for the slopes for less. Pick up some bargains in the skiwear sale and find the whole cost of your trip is much less than it would have been at the height of winter. There are still some last minute skiwear deals available from Trekwear, including men’s ski jackets, women’s snow boots and base layers for the whole family. If you are heading on a late skiing holiday, we would love you hear what you thought.  Share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter.