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A few years ago the word staycation entered the popular lexicon. The cause was, in part, the global financial crisis, which has reshaped how many people live their lives. It was almost as everyone had woken up from a state of collective amnesia. The UK was revealed to be a wonderful place to holiday in. It is fair to say that nowadays everyone is much more conscious of how they spend their paycheck. Be it in curbing random luxury purchases, reducing the amount of energy used in the home or reducing the number of times people holiday abroad, cutbacks have had to be made. It's not all about austerity's savage bite. There are, after all, advantages to this era of prudence. A new way of thinking emerges, and there has been something of a renaissance in areas like DIY, sustainable living and crafting. People are simply trying to be better with their money. One of the more positive offshoots of this has been the revelation that one can find fulfilment in traditional activities, pursuits and games. Fun does not have to be synonymous with expense. Additionally, out of this has come a better appreciation of the great outdoors. We had simply forgotten that the UK had always had plenty to offer in terms of attractions, scenery and heritage. Now we know. One of the ways that people can really enjoy and understand the beauty of the UK is in camping. There's no better way to immerse yourself in the natural world than actually be out there. If you have never camped before, this guide will give you an overview of what you need to do to ensure that you have a successful time out and about. The essentials A decent tent is a prerequisite. Think of it as something that is going to last you a long time, so really make this an investment purchase. Things to consider include size – two-man/family – and portability – is it to be set up on a mountain or a field? Regatta camping tents are one of the most popular. Sleeping bags, like tents, are worth splashing out on. It's about comfort, practicality and transportability. Complement this with either an airbed or rollout mats. A good night's sleep will certainly make a difference to the camping experience. Other vitals This comprehensive list is by no means complete, but should assure that you are well-equipped and covered for all kinds of situations. Vitals include a torch or lantern; a cool box or cool bag; mix of food and drink; cookware; insect repellent; a set of clothes (for cool, warm and wet weather, plus spares); bin bags; toiletries (including toilet roll); furniture; and a lighter. As can be gauged, camping, if you want to do it well, requires quite a lot of additional items, more so if it is to Here at Trekwear we stock a range of camping essentials, including insect repellant clothing from Nosilife, waterproof gear and a range of Weird Fish clothing.