Walking Sandals

Walking sandals make for ideal summer footwear for a range of activities. We stock men's, women's and kids' summer sandals that are perfect for the beach and general casual wear. We have a wide range of technical walking and hiking sandals for use in outdoor activities.

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What makes walking sandals different from flip flops?

Flip flops are designed for casual summer use, essentially just covering the sole of the foot. Flip flops are preferable to normal shoes in summer because they offer great ventilation so your feet can remain cool in hot weather. In addition, they can be easily slipped on or off whenever it suits you.

Walking sandals are a more technical breed of footwear than ordinary sandals and flip flops. They typically have more substantial soles and offer contoured foot beds and additional cushioning in the mid-layer. Walking sandals are also more heavily strapped so that they remain in the same position on the foot and do not slide around. The straps themselves are often made of technical materials that offer comfort, wicking and quick drying characteristics.

Walking sandals often feature additional padding or protection for the heels and toes to protect your feet from possible knocks and scuffs on the trails.

Benefits of a walking sandal?

Walking sandals are extremely convenient for travel and days out. They pack into small spaces and are very lightweight, making them very easy to carry around with you. They also offer great comfort and ventilation in hot climates and environments. When walking boots would be hot and uncomfortable, walking sandals are often a preferable alternative.

Restrictions and limits of walking sandals

Walking boots offer a high level of support for the feet and ankles especially on inclines and declines. This helps you to walk for extended periods of time on difficult terrain with low risk of injury. Walking sandals do not offer this level of support and are there for unsuitable for the rugged up and down terrain that you could tackle with a decent set of boots.

However, walking sandals really come into their own during summer lowland walking. If you tend to walk on trails without significant inclines and declines throughout the warm summer months then walking sandals offer unrivalled comfort and ventilation, while providing appropriate protection for the feet.

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