Cycling Clothing & Accessories

We stock an excellent range of great value cycling gear from reputable cycling brands; from entry level cycle gear for casual cyclists to high end gear fit for experienced riders.

Cycling is a strenuous sport and you need cycling accessories and clothing that can keep up with you when you are on the road or trail. We make sure we provide high quality cycling gear at affordable prices.

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  • Dare 2b
  • Oakley
  • Regatta
  • Trespass

When it comes down to what you should be wearing on the bike, there is a lot of choice involved.

The ultimate outdoor family activity

A casual family cycle ride on a cool Sunday afternoon does not necessitate the latest and greatest in cycle wear technology. A simple cycling t-shirt and loose fitting shorts will be more than sufficient; and this way, when you stop for your pub lunch you are already dressed for the occasion. We have a great selection of t-shirts and shorts available for the leisurely cyclist.

Many families only venture out cycling in the summer months, but why stop the family cycle rides when the cold weather draws in? There is no need to be bullied into submission by the weather. With a good quality softshell or windshell jacket from Trekwear you can rely on staying warm and having waterproof and windproof protection at an affordable low price.

Reliable cycling jackets for all budgets

A decent cycling jacket is a great addition for cyclists of any level of skill and experience. As an outer layer styling is important. We have cycling jackets, softshells and windshells in a variety of designs and colours to suit all personal preferences. We have low budget cycling jackets which do the basics well, and also a range of more pricey technical jackets for those who need the best of the best. Some of the features to look for are:

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof / wind resistant
  • Breathable / high wicking
  • Stretch fabrics
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-bacterial properties

What you need from your cycling jacket will dictate how much you will end up spending. No matter what your price range you are sure to find a good deal on cycling jackets at Trekwear.

Moving up a gear; great technical cycling clothes

More serious or frequent cyclists should consider wearing more technical cycling gear. Appropriate cycling shorts, trousers or leggings are typically made from tight stretchy material that clings close to the skin. These materials allow maximum flexibility and movement and gives high wicking properties. This means that sweat is drawn away from your skin into the fabric where it can then evaporate. This allows you to stay dry and comfortable without the worry of odour or chaffing.

Cycle shorts and leggings will often have added features for comfort on long or arduous rides such as vents and padded liners.

Top it off

You’re bound to find a great bargain with our selection of cycling tops. Cycling shirts and cycling jerseys are made from fabrics that offer the same great properties as cycling shorts and pants, but you have more choice when it comes to the styling.

In addition to keeping you warm and dry, cycling jerseys are designed purely with cycling in mind, therefore there are certain features available with cycling tops that are not present on a normal top or base layer. For example, often cycling jerseys are cut long at the back to allow for leaning over the handlebars.

On our website you will find a great choice of men’s and women’s cycling shirts and jerseys in a variety of striking colours and eye-catching designs.

Cycling accessories; safety and style

At Trekwear we supply everything you could need to get you out on your bike.

  • Cycling rucksacks
  • Cycling gloves and mitts
  • Hydropacks
  • Cycle helmets
  • High visibility vests

We also sell a very extensive range of Oakley sports sunglasses which are perfect for cycling. Oakley sports sunglasses are durable, flexible, and packed with more science than you would think possible for cycling sunglasses. Oakley are renowned for creating state of the art sports eyewear that not only performs brilliantly, but looks great too.

At Trekwear we do our best to bring you all the best in cycle clothing and cycle equipment at the lowest possible prices.

Here to help

If you have any questions or would like further advice on cycling clothing and equipment please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable staff. They are always happy to help.

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