Quilted Jackets

Not long ago quilted jackets, coats and gilets were only associated with country living and field sports, but now they've taken off in the fashion world in a big way. Demand for new variations and styles now means that quilted jackets are a great choice as fashionable and functional attire alike. Quilted jackets have become just as much at home in the cities as well as the countryside.

Jack Murphy
Quilted jackets and gilets offer great warmth, comfort and style without the bulk and weight you would find in a full winter jacket. Trekwear’s selection of quilted jackets and gilets are suitable for field sports and day to day clothing.

At Trekwear we bring you quilted jackets, quilted coats and quilted gilets that perform well and look fantastic, and all at great prices.
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  1. Trespass Trudey Women's Quilted Jacket

    £19.95 SRP: £59.99

  2. Jack Murphy Quinn Ladies Moleskin Jacket

    £59.95 SRP: £129.99

  3. Jack Murphy Millie Ladies Tweed Jacket

    £49.95 SRP: £169.99

  4. Jack Murphy Carrick Men's Lined Quilted Wax Jacket

    £79.95 SRP: £165.00

  5. Jack Murphy Alma Women's Quilted Jacket

    £39.95 SRP: £65.00

  6. Country Estate Rossendale Women's Hooded Quilted Jacket

    £14.95 SRP: £54.95

  7. Country Estate Penrith Men's Quilted Country Jacket

    £19.95 SRP: £49.95

  8. Country Estate Lewis Fleece Lined Men's Quilted Jacket

    £14.95 SRP: £49.95

  9. Country Estate Bakewell Ladies Quilted Jacket

    £12.95 SRP: £42.99

  10. Country Estate Aylesbury Women's Quilted Jacket

    £11.95 SRP: £49.95

  11. Weird Fish Rural Retreat Men's Cord Jacket

    £49.95 SRP: £110.00

  12. Trespass Lydia Women's Quilted Jacket

    £18.95 SRP: £49.99

  13. Trespass Libbie Girls Quilted Hooded Jacket

    £14.95 SRP: £36.99

  14. Trespass Jones Men's Quilted Jacket

    £19.95 SRP: £64.99

  15. Trespass Bronwyn Women's Quilted Jacket

    £19.95 SRP: £69.99

  16. Jack Murphy Veronica Women's Quilted Gilet

    £29.95 SRP: £54.99

  17. Jack Murphy Shauna Women's Quilted Gilet

    £29.95 SRP: £59.99

  18. Jack Murphy Humphrey Men's Quilted Jacket

    £59.95 SRP: £110.00

  19. Jack Murphy Enda Men's Quilted Gilet

    £39.95 SRP: £64.99

  20. Jack Murphy Edmond Men's Quilted Jacket

    £39.95 SRP: £74.99

  21. Jack Murphy Douglas Men's Wax Jacket

    £79.95 SRP: £165.00