A tent is possibly the most essential bit of kit for any camping trip; at Trekwear we have a range of tents in stock which range from compact two man tents right up to large eight man tents, large enough to house an entire family and all of their kit for the duration of their holiday.

A tent is more than just a shelter when you are out camping, it is your home for your trip. That's why it is important to invest in a quality tent that you know will keep you warm, dry and comfortable, whatever the weather throws at you.

We stock tents from well know outdoor equipment manufacturers Gelert and Trespass and all of our tents are easy to pitch which will save you time and help to keep your stress levels to a minimum upon arrival at the campsite. Our tents also feature built in groundsheets which provides a waterproof and insulating membrane to keep water out and heat in.

Here to help

If you have any questions regarding our range of tents please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer services team; they will always be happy to help out in any way possible.

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  1. Trekmates Emergency Storm Shelter (2 or 3 Person)

    £24.95 SRP: £30.00

  2. Regatta Tent Peg Extractor

    £1.95 SRP: £3.00

  3. Regatta Reflective Tent Guy Lines (4 Per Pack)

    £2.95 SRP: £6.00

  4. Regatta Plastic Camping Mallet

    £2.95 SRP: £3.00

  5. Regatta Malawi 2 Man Pop Up Tent

    £44.95 SRP: £70.00

  6. Regatta Halin 2 Man Point 214 Tent

    £69.95 SRP: £110.00

  7. Regatta Camping Mallet With Steel handle

    £3.95 SRP: £4.00

  8. Regatta Camping Mallet With Peg Extractor

    £3.95 SRP: £4.00

  9. Regatta 7.9mm Alloy Tent Pole

    £4.95 SRP: £6.00

  10. Regatta 2 Man Malawi Pop Up Tent

    £47.95 SRP: £70.00

  11. Regatta 13mm Fibreglass Tent Pole

    £2.95 SRP: £4.00