Women's Walking Outfits

If you are looking for women's walking and hiking gear it is possible to pick up some great bargains with our package deals and bundles. Typically consisting of one item of leg-wear and one fleece or jacket at a price that falls well below the combined standard retail price of the included items, great value for money is assured.

Get exactly what you need, fully customisable packages

Our ladies' outdoor hiking and walking packages and bundles give you the freedom to choose the sizing and colour of each individual item. That means you can always count on each item being spot on and matched to your specifications.

A selection of packages for multiple environments

We have selected and matched items from our warehouse to suit numerous outdoor environments and climates, so you can great a great deal on exactly what you need.

  • Hiking trouser and fleece packages
  • Craghoppers’ Nosilife packages
  • Short and short sleeved shirt packages
  • Trouser and long sleeved shirt packages
  • Waterproof trouser and waterproof jacket packages

Happy to help

If you have any questions concerning any of our women's walking and hiking packages and bundles, or any of the items included in the bundles please don’t hesitate to contact us; we are always happy to help out.
Viewing 24 products
  1. Craghoppers Ladies Kiwi Shirt & Pro Stretch Trousers

    £41.63 SRP: £70.83

  2. Trespass Women's Tutula Jacket & Trousers Package

    £37.46 SRP: £95.79

  3. Trespass Qikpac Waterproof Jacket & Overtrousers Package

    £29.13 SRP: £59.98

  4. Trespass Packa Unisex Jacket & Overtrousers Package

    £24.96 SRP: £54.17

  5. Regatta Stormbreak Adult Waterproof Jacket & Trousers Package

    £13.29 SRP: £20.83

  6. Dare 2b Dashed Jacket & Tailgaitor Capri Pack

    £33.29 SRP: £54.17

  7. Craghoppers Ladies Kiwi Gore-Tex Jacket & Kiwi Trousers Package

    £95.79 SRP: £180.83

  8. Women's Winter Jacket & Winter Lined Trousers Outfit

    £33.29 SRP: £108.33

  9. Women's Grayling Full Zip Top & Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers Package

    £66.63 SRP: £95.83

  10. Trespass Women's Ladna Jacket & Accessories Pack

    £62.46 SRP: £135.78

  11. Regatta Women's Hema Parka & Amelie Lined Overtrousers Pack

    £62.46 SRP: £108.33

  12. Jack Murphy Women's Malvern Bush Coat & Matching Hat

    £62.46 SRP: £83.32

  13. Jack Murphy Faux Fur Scarf & Mittens Pack

    £24.96 SRP: £28.33

  14. Jack Murphy Ben Nevis Hat, Gloves & Scarf Set

    £14.13 SRP: £30.83

  15. Jack Murphy Ben Nevis Hat, Gloves & Neck Gaitor Set

    £14.13 SRP: £29.99

  16. Dare 2b Women's Fulfilled Gilet & Freeze Dry Fleece

    £62.46 SRP: £100.00

  17. Dare 2b Boasted Jacket & Assemble Overtrousers Pack

    £33.29 SRP: £62.50

  18. Craghoppers Women's Madigan Long Jacket & Aira Waterproof Trousers Outfit

    £99.96 SRP: £133.33

  19. Craghoppers Women's Kiwi Check Shirt & Winter Lined Trousers Outfit

    £37.46 SRP: £158.32