Ski Helmets

A helmet is now considered by most people to be an essential item of safety equipment when skiing or snowboarding. Our carefully chosen range of ski helmets are designed to protect you not only from falls but from falling ice, rocks, low hanging tree branches and even other skiers who may be less capable or less vigilant. Our range of helmets combine protection with an element of comfort and style.

  • Head
  • Bolle

A helmet should not only give you great protection but it should be so comfortable that you forget you are even wearing it and are therefore less likely to take it off or choose not to wear it when you are preparing for a day out on the pistes. Our ski helmets utilise some of the latest ski helmet features and technologies, such as:

  • Adjustable thermal ventilation
  • Height adjustable ear pads
  • Removable ear pads and neck gaiters

Use your head

A ski helmet is an important bit of kit and it is vitally important that you make sure that it fits correctly. If you’re not sure what size ski helmet you require, use a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head just above the eyebrows. If you require further advice when choosing your ski helmet, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Trekwear.

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  1. Head Cloe Ski Helmet In White


  2. Head Viant Youth Ski Helmet

    £16.63 SRP: £41.67

  3. Head Lana Women's Ski Helmet

    £20.79 SRP: £50.00

  4. Head Tika Women's Ski Helmet

    £33.29 SRP: £75.00

  5. Head Star Childrens Ski Helmet In White

    £14.95 SRP: £35.00

  6. Cebe Suspense Deluxe Ski Helmet

    £37.46 SRP: £45.83

  7. Head Stratum Ski Helmet

    £33.29 SRP: £70.83

  8. Head Rebel Ski Helmet In White


  9. Head Joker Supershape Kid's Ski Helmet


  10. Head Echo Adults Ski Helmet

    £33.29 SRP: £66.67

  11. Head Crest Adults Ski Helmet

    £54.13 SRP: £108.33

  12. Dirty Dog Venus Ski Helmet - Matte Light Blue - Medium

    £37.46 SRP: £41.66

  13. Dirty Dog Venus Ski Helmet - Matte Light Blue - Large

    £37.46 SRP: £41.66

  14. Dirty Dog Venus Kid's Ski Helmet - Matte Purple - Small

    £37.46 SRP: £41.66

  15. Dirty Dog Venus Kid's Ski Helmet - Matte Light Blue - Small

    £37.46 SRP: £41.66

  16. Dirty Dog Eclipse Ski Helmet - Matte Black - XL

    £41.63 SRP: £45.83

  17. Cebe Contest Visor Ski Helmet - White

    £41.63 SRP: £51.67

  18. Bolle Slide With Visor Ski Helmet In Soft Black

    £124.96 SRP: £150.00

  19. Head Sensor Bluetooth Runtastic Adults Ski Helmet

    £145.79 SRP: £195.83

  20. Head Pro Ski Helmet - Black

    £24.96 SRP: £50.00

  21. Head Pro Adults Ski Helmet In Grass

    £29.13 SRP: £66.67